StoryWalk®, a Children’s Book in The Woods and Much More

September 5, 2017 // Holly Harmon

The Crested Butte Land Trust and the Crested Butte Public Library joined forces this year to bring art, the outdoors, and reading together in a unique way for users of the Lower Loop

Five o’clock somewhere: Where to find the best cocktails in Crested Butte

September 3, 2017 // Olivia Lueckemeyer

Cocktails have taken over Crested Butte. Whether you have a hankering for sweet, bitter or dry flavors, almost every restaurant and bar boasts a substantial cocktail list with options that appeal to every palate.

Fall Gets Creative in Crested Butte

August 30, 2017 // Cassidy Tawse-Garcia

The air is crisp, trails are buff, and frost may even great you in the early morning. It is Fall in Crested Butte. What once was a “shoulder season,” today is packed with events nearly every weekend

ArtWalk in Crested Butte: How to attend with your kids and leave happy

August 14, 2017 // Holly Harmon

ArtWalk is an evening of wine, hors d’oeuvres, fine art, mingling with friends, some of the world’s best artists, and … kids?! Why not? Art should be for everyone to enjoy, so why not get your children involved by appreciating and valuing art from an early age?

All aboard: The history of Crested Butte’s painted buses

August 10, 2017// Olivia Lueckemeyer

Just like the people of Crested Butte, the buses that circle through town and on the mountain are chalk full of personality.

Experience the Crested Butte music scene: From attending shows to performing live

August 3, 2017 // Olivia Lueckemeyer

Creative energy is palpable in Crested Butte. Events as informal as busking on the street have been known to turn out some of the most talented musicians, not to mention the renowned artists who regularly make pit stops at the Center for the Arts to perform live.

Celebrate the Height of Summer with Feast in the Field

July 28, 2017 // Cassidy Tawse-Garcia

The night sky twinkles; rows of tables are set, inviting guests to dine by—quite literally—the fire. This is Feast in the Field, a “celebration of local food.” Where Chef Kalon Wall of the Sunflower Restaurant prepares a five-course, locally sourced, Colorado-inspired meal, in the “gaucho” style of cooking hailing from the mountains of Patagonia.

Request for Creatives: Destination Signage

The Town of Crested Butte (“Town”) and the Crested Butte Creative District (“Creative District”) are looking for creative individuals to design and construct unique destination signage for Town parks and landmarks. *The deadline has been extended to May...

Midnight Gallery: Call for Artists

Midnight Gallery: Call for Artists

Calling all Artists! Midnight Gallery is excited to announce its first-ever juried invitation for emerging and established artists. If you are an aspiring artist or accomplished in your medium and looking to showcase your work in a professional gallery...