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Gunnison Arts Center 102 South Main Street, Gunnison, Colorado 81230
102 South Main Street Gunnison Colorado 81230 US
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Drawing, Mixed Media, Pastels, Sculpture, Watercolor, Other
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Greater Gunnison Valley
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Cheri Isgreen works in a variety of media and specializes in colorful, contemporary watercolors. Her work reflects her fascination and understanding of value and color. ” I am fascinated by the relationship between light and shadow on natural forms, particularly horses and flowers. I believe if you get the values and shapes correct, any beautiful color will look compelling, even a purple horse. I seek fresh, unexpected color mixtures through the spontaneity of wet paint mixing on wet paper. I strive for a sense of mystery and narration in each painting, allowing viewers to discover personal meanings in my work.” As a retired art educator, Cheri taught the gamut of media, styles, and subjects, giving her the strong range she draws upon today when creating her watercolor and mixed media compositions. She maintains an active studio schedule, winning awards in juried exhibitions, accepting commissions, maintaining an online presence through her website and social media, and showing in several Colorado galleries, including Gunnison Arts Center (and the Painted Pony Gallery, spring 2018). Isgreen’s artwork has been showcased in museums, galleries, and publications both in the United States and abroad. Cheri’s work complements a wide range of home and office decor from Western equine subjects to Victorian florals.  Visit

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Cheri Isgreen
Drawing, Mixed Media, Pastels, Sculpture, Watercolor, Other
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Backstreet Bagels & Gallery 127 North Townsend Avenue Montrose, CO 81401
Redstone Art Gallery 173 Redstone Blvd, Redstone, CO
Creekside Gardens & Gallery 1224 N Shields St; Fort Collins, Colorado
Drawing, Mixed Media, Pastels, Sculpture, Watercolor, Other