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Kristi and Alex came to Gunnison County for a job working as caretakers at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab. During that first winter we tried numerous hobbies to try and fill our time. That is when we discovered silversmithing! Through trial and error we have slowly developed our own unique style of silver and turquoise jewelry. Our style is influenced by mountains and nature, as well as traditional southwestern turquoise jewelry. We create durable, one of a kind pieces that are backcountry tested.

We spend our free time backcountry skiing, mountain biking or fly fishing depending on the season! You can find us out in the woods almost everyday. We value a good balance of work and play. We have spent 4 winters out in Gothic, CO and plan on returning for a couple more winters. We spend our summers in Pitkin, CO where we own a few acres of land and are working on building our future home.

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Kristi Haner
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