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Professionally trained with a degree from Rhode Island School of Design, my love of painting is perfectly expressed in monotype. My process combines the freedom of painterly expression with the etching press technology and ingenuity of the Renaissance masters.

A monotype is an image painted on a printmaking plate that transfers to paper, one time, to become a single original. Embracing abstraction and painterly gesture with tools of brush and brayer, I layer various viscosity inks on a clear plexiglass plate, exposing my true nature as a colorist. Using my etching press, the pigment is pushed into the fibers of the paper, resulting in unique surface effects that cannot be achieved by painting directly on paper. The image is transformed as the pigment recedes into the paper, creating alchemy of color and movement. Each monotype is unique and authentic with an immediacy, spontaneity and directness unlike any other medium.

Emphasizing abstraction over literal translation, my artwork resides in the realm of imagination and awakened spirit. Referencing nature with instinctual rhythm, my art communicates through suggestion, moving the viewer beyond the analytic mind of predictability, arousing the innermost feelings of the heart.

I believe our lifetime journey is movement toward a collective higher consciousness. My role as an artist is not to record or replicate, but to elevate. A work of art can be a symbol of healing when the viewer is receptive to its energy. My intention as an artist, is to stir the senses, evoke emotion and bring personal awareness through the beauty of divine unfolding.

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