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377A Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
377A Atlantic Avenue New York 11217 US
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Richard D. Buchanan was born and raised on the front range of Colorado. He received a B.A. in Art History in 2013, and an M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art in 2016. Richard has received numerous awards including the Richard Kubiak Memorial Curatorial Award, and the American Austrian Foundation’s Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts. Richard has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, and Colorado. He continues to show in galleries across the country. Richard’s works can be found in private and public art collections in the United States, and Austria.

Artist’s Statement:

I create figurative oil paintings and drawings from life. Melodrama, psychological intensity, and the unexplained drive my work. By reinterpreting what I experience, I’m trying to uncover a personal subjective reality. The environments my figures occupy are often suggestive – they exist in conceptual space and often represent the connection I have with the sitter, a thought, or an idea. I intensify the mood and emphasize the connection I have with my models. Somewhere between what I understand about myself, and what I perceive to know about my subject, is where I’m searching for my reality.

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66 Emmons Rd, Crested Butte, CO 81225, USA