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the lab is a theatre performance program which is foremost about exciting the minds and advancing the skills of current and future local actors, directors, and writers and getting them juiced about their craft with a project unlike any theatre they have done in the past. In addition, the lab is an opportunity to learn theatre craft in a professional atmosphere. The word “lab” implies a focus on the experimental, and the lab is a place to workshop your ideas if you act, write, or direct.

Under the direction Kathleen Mary (director, producer, and past director of the Crested Butte Mountain Theatre), the lab is a place to try and to fail so you can try again and nail it, focusing on the acting and the material. Production aspects such as set, costumes, sound effects etc. are kept to a minimum or eliminated outright unless such elements are essential to the piece. This is a program for local creatives who want to experience theatre in an ongoing, stimulating, and supportive learning environment. the lab is a collaborative effort which gives our performing arts creatives a chance to play in the theatre pretty much whenever they want or can.

the lab is made possible by a grant through the Crested Butte Creative District.

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Actors and Directors