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132 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte, CO, United States
132 Elk Avenue Crested Butte Colorado 81224 US
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I began drawing at an early age and added whittling and wood carving after college.  My grandfather had given me his carving tools and with them I often made gifts for friends and relatives.  When I arrived in Crested Butte in 1976 someone suggested that since I carved I should make signs…and that was the beginning of a career!  Though largely self-taught, I took a calligraphy class at that time to augment wood carving and sign making, and also began brush lettering.  I have been learning and combining media ever since, employing screen and block printing, pen and ink drawing, scratch board, wood-burning, and enamels in the production of graphic art.

I greatly enjoy teaching, and regularly offer classes in calligraphy, whittling, wood-burning, and printing.

Of special interest to me is puppeteering, and I like carving hand puppets, stick puppets, and marionettes. Since the late ‘80s, our troupe, the Back Porch Puppeteers, has put on shows in local theaters, street fairs, festivals, and libraries. We use original scripts, hand-sewn costumes, and hand built stages and sets.  The shows usually illustrate some aspect of science or local history, or just plain story-telling theater and singing fun.

Puppet Show Titles include:

Sage Brush, Dogs, Will Be Dogs, Ozzie Ozone and the Green House Gang, The Monster Mishmash, Camptown, The Treasure of Coconut Island, The Lion and the Stink Bug, Mert and Myrtle’s Marvelous Vacation, The Secret Life of Puppets, and The Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.

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Will Tintera
Calligraphy, Other
Calligraphy, Other