Creative District Endorsement

Creative District Endorsement

Endorsement Overview

The Crested Butte Creative District (CBCD) endorses arts and cultural events or projects that meet the following criteria:

  • It is produced by a creative individual or organization who is a registered member of the Creative District.
  • It provides creative and/or cultural opportunities to the public.
  • It is visible and accessible to the community.

With a CBCD Endorsement, we offer:

  • Access to our Directory of Creatives and Creative Businesses who may be able to aid you in your project/event.
  • When appropriate, CBCD may send your “Call for Artists” in an eblast and/or post on our social media.
  • A platform provided to upload your event/project to the CBCD online Community Calendar.
  • Possible presence on the CBCD website “news” section, when appropriate.
  • Possible promotion of project/event via social media and eblasts, when appropriate.

Requirements for Endorsement

Applicant agrees to acknowledge the CBCD’s contribution in at least two of the following ways:

  • Include CBCD logo in marketing materials.
  • Upload photos or video of project to your Facebook and publicly thank the Crested Butte Creative District in the post for the support/endorsement.  Include Creative District logo and CD Hashtag.  Also share this post with the CBCD so that we can upload your photos/video to our Facebook page/website.
  • Write a brief testimonial to be used on the Creative District website and in marketing materials that explains how the Crested Butte Creative District endorsement helped you realize your vision for this project.
  • If you are sending a thank you letter or other report to the Crested Butte News, include and thank you to the Crested Butte Creative District for the support/endorsement.
  • Suggest an alternate way of acknowledging the Creative District and submit to the Creative District Commission for approval.


  • Fill out the Online Endorsement Application


  • Download and print the Endorsement Application.
  • Fill in the Application.
  • Drop off the completed Application to Mel Yemma at the Crested Butte Town Hall, 507 Maroon, Crested Butte or email it to Mel’s attention at