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Policies & Documents

Policies & Documents

Strategic Plan

In 2015, the Town Council adopted the Creative District’s Strategic Plan.

In 2018, the Creative District commission adopted the 2018 Action Plan, to better meet the goals in the strategic plan.

Ordinance 14, Series 2015: Establishing the Crested Butte Creative District

The Crested Butte Town Council established the Creative District and created a Creative District Commission to 1) prepare, maintain, and implement the strategic plan, 2) create and implement a public arts policy, 3) maintain a sustainable funding source, 4) work with local partners to promote the arts in Crested Butte, 5) uphold the unique community character and historical context of Crested Butte.

Ordinance 12, Series 2017: Expanding the Creative District Commission

Ordinance 12, Series 2017 expands the Creative District Commission from seven (7) to (9) members.

Commission Guidelines

The Commission guidelines establish how the Commission should function

Commissioner's Handbook

The Commissioner’s Handbook provides guidelines on the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the Crested Butte Creative District Commissioners

Arts in Public Places

The Creative District is working with the Town Council to develop an arts in public places policy that will guide the selection, display, maintenance, and donation of public art. The policy would also establish a permanent funding stream for arts in public places, through a 2% for art fund from all capital projects in the Creative District and Town Parks. The Town Council is currently discussing the potential adoption of this policy.