The Crested Butte Creative District advocates for our local creative community. The Creative District has worked with the Town of Crested Butte staff and council to develop the following goals to better provide creatives with new opportunities and resources:

  • The Creative District will determine the type and amount of space local creatives need.
    • The Creative District will release a comprehensive plan that specifically determines the creative community’s needs for housing, space to create, and professional development.
  • The Creative District will advocate for projects, funding streams, and other initiatives that provide workforce housing to creatives.
    • The Creative District plans to be more proactive in attending public hearings and sessions about local developments, including affordable housing projects. Additionally, the Creative District and the Town are proud to support the development of the new Center for the Arts building, which will better meet the needs of our local creative community.
  • The Creative District will work with Governmental, nonprofit, and private businesses to buy locally and pay creatives for their work.
    • The Creative District has already worked closely with the Town to release requests for creatives to design, build, and create local Town projects. The Creative District looks forward to expanding these opportunities and will continue to advocate for buying locally and paying creatives for their work.
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