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Youth Education



Youth Education

The Creative District aims to foster an appreciation of the arts in our youth community by working closely with the Crested Butte Community School to provide support for additional arts education programming.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Kindergarten Art Program, which the Creative District supported in 2017:


Art Mentor Program

In 2017, the Crested Butte Creative District partnered with the Community School and Center for the Arts to develop an art mentor program for AP art students. The mentor program pairs an AP art student with a local artist to provide a mentor figure for each student and to help each student gain new skills and knowledge about entering the art industry. The first year of the art mentor program was a great success, and the Creative District is looking forward to expanding this program in 2018 to even more students.


“Working with Donna Rozman was pivotal in creating my AP 3D art portfolio. Almost every single piece I submitted used techniques and/or materials that Donna provided. At the beginning of the year, I was hitting a lull. I was planning to make tea sets as my portfolio concentration, but this idea did not really fit what I envisioned myself pursuing as an artist. Donna inspired me to pursue groundbreaking techniques in ceramics…As a young artist, it has been so important to have multiple mentors in order to find my own voice. Donna has taught me things I will never forget, and she has shaped my art immensely. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.” –Malia Olsen, Art Mentor Program Participant